A Revealing Trip


For this assignment I had to write my own personal narrative. Along with writing this narrative, there had to be some sort of message, or themes that go along with the story, like all good personal narratives do. The narrative was to be around 1200-1700 words. I never thought writing personal narratives was such a difficult task, but for this assignment I had a bit of trouble. It was a little hard to think of a story that has happened in my life, that I could also tie a theme to. On top of that, it was a bit of a struggle to stretch the story to fit the word requirement. But once I started writing, it became a lot easier. Overall this assignment pushed me to tell a story and make it convey a message, which is something I have never done before.

Revising this paper was very challenging. For my rough draft, I wrote the entire thing in the past tense, looking back on the experience. For the final draft, I wrote the whole thing in the present tense, as if I were living the experience. This was hard for me, and something I honestly don’t think I’ve done in a long time.


A Revealing Trip

Man, I just want to have one great summer vacation. That’s all I really ask. Jason and Brendan just got back from South Carolina, and they’re so tan. It’s not fair, they go somewhere south every summer! I want to be tan like that. They take it for granted to! I do get to go on vacation yes, but not the kind of vacations I would love to go on. Going to big cities is fun and all, but it doesn’t beat being the perfect tan. Maybe I can convince my parents this summer.

So my dad just started planning a trip for our family to go to Yellowstone National Park. I don’t don’t want to go there. I can look at the trees in my backyard and basically have the same experience. I say to my dad, “Dad, you always decide where we go, how about you let Nolan and I decide?” Yea he just ignores me. He just goes on and continues to plan this waste of a summer week. He never listens to me! It seems pretty unfair to say the least. Oh well. I tried my hardest. I guess i’ll just have to suffer for a little bit.

“You don’t even know what it’s like there! You know nothing about it”, my dad said.

“Well I know it’s not Florida.” Which, I mean, it’s not. I honestly had no interest in going to Yellowstone. But my parents would tell me how fortunate I am to even me going on a trip. Which, I mean, they’re right, so i’ll do my best to be quiet.

I’m counting down the days until this trip. No not because i’m excited. But because I am trying to make the most of my days here before i’m forced to leave to observe plants.

I get on the plane, and for some reason i’m a bit nervous. I have never flown on a plane before. On top of that, i’m sitting something like eight rows away from anyone in my family because our tickets are all split up. What if I want to use the restroom and the person next to me is sleeping? This is just brutal. Even the trip there is going to be rough!

The plane rides were incredibly long and tiresome. But we finally got to the airport. Everyone else seems pretty excited. I’m honestly not excited at all. Excited to go home, sure, but not for the next week. I can tell that because I’m not excited, the rest of my family is receiving that vibe. They’re being kind of rude to me. It’s not my fault I have no interest in trees. Oh, well. What’re they going to do, send me home?

My dad just rented a car, and it’s actually pretty sweet. He got a convertible, which i’m actually kind of surprised at.

“It’s so we can have a better view of the trees!” he says. Ah, sarcasm. Thanks dad.

As we make our way outside, it becomes apparent that it’s not that warm outside. In fact it is rather chilly. And i’m sitting in the back, unprotected from the wind without the windshield right in front of me. This wind is brutal! This is not fun. It’s also not a great start to the trip. What else is going to go wrong?

We are making our way to our hotel, and we’ve technically been in the park for a little while. I’m not seeing anything cool. This trip is a bust. If you love trees though, this is the vacation for you! As we go a little further, I see a bison. I’m somewhat intrigued because it’s the only moving thing we’ve seen in awhile.

“Oh look, a bison. Thats neat”, I remark, half sarcastically. “I think i’m going to keep trap of all the animals we see for the entire duration of the trip.” I say this because clearly we’re not going to see that many. A minute passes, and we go around a curve. At this point i’m at about, oh, let’s say six bison. As soon as we turn this corner, a field of several hundred bison lay before my eyes, gazing in the field. I’m honestly so surprised! It’s actually kind of neat. There’s so many! And they’re huge, too. I’ve never seen this many animals at once. Maybe this trip isn’t going to suck as much as I thought it would.

It’s the next day, and now I actually have some hopes for a good time. It still doesn’t seem likely, but maybe this will be a decent trip. We follow my dad, and we come across a random trail.

“Why not go down this trail?” he asks. Well, maybe because there’s nothing down this trail, I thought. We start to walk, and this trail seems to be going on for forever. We have been walking for around forty five minutes. We finally come to an opening.

There’s this big rocky looking thing, surrounded by seemingly fragile and eroded rocky ground. What is this, I wonder. All of a sudden, this rocky figure starts spewing what looks like water and gas. This is sick! I’ve never seen anything like it! It just keeps going!

It turns out it’s a geyser, and it erupted for about five minutes. My brother motions me over to this pedestal he found. I find a book log on top of the pedestal, and notice that the geyser erupts every three hours. Man we were lucky! We were only there for like ten minutes! This really is one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed. This got me excited for the rest of the trip. In one day I’ve seen two extraordinary things I would have never seen.lone-star-geyser-tranquil-light-photography

Later in the week, we start to make our way on a boardwalk, with all sorts of hot springs. But as we get about half way through the walk, we see that there is a bison laying right in the middle of the boardwalk! He’s literally just laying there, sleeping! What do we do?

“Let’s just go back,” say’s my dad. I don’t want to though, I want to go around the bison. There are other people walking around the bison, and I figured we should too. It’d be so cool to be that close to one!.

“Do you want to die?” my dad asked, half serious half kidding. I mean he makes a good point, they can be very dangerous. So I conceded, and we just went back the other way. It’s still cool though, I was pretty close to the bison.

I spent the rest of the trip seeing tons of new and cool things. It’s probably my favorite vacation I have ever been on. It makes we wonder. I was so sure that this was going to be such a waste of a week of my summer, but it actually turned out to be one of my favorite weeks ever. I wish I wasn’t such a downer about it the whole way here. I wasted all that time feeling sorry for myself when I was so clueless that I was going to have so much fun. I guess it just goes to show that when trying new things, you should always be positive, and try to take the most out of it as possible.