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Welcome to my blog, where you can find all of my assignments for my Writing 100: Transition to College Writing course. If you would like to learn a little bit about myself, feel free to read below.

About Me:


I am a freshman here at the University of Michigan. I consider myself very blessed to be here, with all the other amazing students. I am currently undecided on my major, so I am taking a variety of classes this year in hopes of finding a passion.

All my life I have loved sports. I have been playing them since I was three years old, and have tried many different sports throughout my life. Throughout the years, I have played on teams for hockey, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, and lacrosse. I really enjoy every one of these sports, but in high school, i focused on hockey, tennis, and lacrosse. If i’m not playing a sport, you can probably catch me watching sports. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I have loved going to the Michigan football games, and am very excited for the hockey games as well.

Some other interests of mine include chess, ping pong, and music. This past year, I really gained an interest in chess. I started playing it everyday, and I still do. I have also been playing ping pong for a very long time. My brother and I used to spend hours every day playing each other. I am trying to heighten my experience here by always looking for chances to do the things I love.


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